Just about six weeks….

That’s right.

In just about six weeks, we will be gathering at Bartley Ranch, again, to have Northern Nevada’s Celtic Celebration.

What a year it’s been!

We are in need of volunteers this year. Please fill out the following form to volunteer for the Celebration this year:

There has been transition….Bryan Wildman stepped down as the President of the organization, and your humble web-mistress took his place. I have learned some, already knew some, and hope to make a meaningful contribution while I am a part of the Celtic Celebration.

To such ends, this year, we are VERY EXCITED to welcome back ATHLETICS to the Celtic Celebration! Michael Perrin has joined our board, and has negotiated an agreement with Magni Corps Throwers Club, which provides Historical Information, Educational Athletic Training and Professional Scottish Strength Sports Contests. They have been around since 2005, focusing on becoming athletes of the highest caliber.

There should be pictures in this post, and there will be eventually, we are troubleshooting an issue with a recent software/server upgrade and will get back to our colorful posts as soon as we are able.

For now, Slainte!


It’s really getting close now!!

Can you feel the excitement in the air? We certainly can around here! See the previous post for schedule information for both days….

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Starting in 2012, the Celtic Celebration chose to select, each year at the Celebration, an honored clan for the duration of the event. The honored clan chosen this year is:

Clan MacLean


Other Clans represented at the Festival this year are:

Clan Crawford
Clan Cumming
Clan Donald
Clan Farquharson
Clan Lindsay
Clan MacLeod
Clan Macneil
Clan Thompson
Clan Wallace
Clan Young

Without further ado, here is the dance stage schedule:


11:00 Silver State Scottish
11:30 Dunsmuir Scottish
12:00 Red Thistle Dancers
1:15 Blanchette Irish
2:00 Dunsmuir Scottish
2:30 Red Thistle Dancers
3:00 Blanchette Irish 
4:00 Silver State Scottish 
4:30 Truckee River Dance
11:00 Silver State Scottish
11:30 Red Thistle Dancers 
12:00 Dunsmuir Scottish 
12:30 Blanchette Irish
1:30 Red Thistle Dancers
2:00 Dunsmuir Scottish
2:30 Blanchette Irish
3:30 Silver State Scottish
4:00 Truckee River Dance
*check final schedule for any changes at the Dance StageDance Stage Schedule*
This year, we are also featuring the following Vendors:

A & A Company (Wilton, CA) – Celtic, Scottish, Welsh and Irish silver and stone items.

Buzz Kidder (Oakley, CA) – Kilts, sporans, leather goods, shirts

Got Kilt? (White Lake, MI) – Kilts and humorous Celtic t-shirts

Heritage Meat Pies (Santa Maria, CA) – Steak, chicken and sausage pies, shepherd pies and cottage pies, Cornish Pasties, all manner of Celtic Food Fare!

Highland Grill (Salinas, CA) – Returning for a second year at the Celtic Celebration, featuring grilled chicken and other burgers.

History of Names (Gold Hill, OR) – Research your Celtic name and ancestry with information from this vendor!

House of Windsor (Keizer, OR) – Celtic gifts and collectibles

Irish Castle Shop (San Francisco, CA) – Hats and sweaters with Irish/Celtic themes and origin.

JJ’s Italian Ice (Reno, NV) – The name says it all…Italian ices to quench the sweet tooth, enjoy one of these tasty treats!

Kerr’s Imports (Congress, AZ) – Scottish and Celtic imports, kilts.

KoKo’s Teriyaki (Reno, NV) – A crowd favorite from past Celebrations, Koko’s features teriyaki bowls and meat-on-a-stick, how can you go wrong there?!?

Taste of Britain (San Jose, CA) – Fish and Chips and Bangers are the order of the day here. And get a nice, cold pint to go along with it! These are the finer things in life….

The Celtic Caterer (Colorado) – Cook books celebrating items from the 8 Celtic nations reworked for modern cooking techniques!

We will be featuring the following groups in the Heritage Area:


The Royal Court Scotland
James V has died and Mary of Guise is Queen Regent . Baby Queen Mary Stuart is 6 years old and now is being promised to marry the future king of France. Henry VIII is up in arms. Days of Rough Wooing.
The Queens Guard are the 2nd 3rd or 4th sons of noblemen, or wealthy merchants. They do not inherit, therefore we must gain favor from the queen for our families through military service. They must pay for their own weapons and armor. 
Royal Papermakers are Kyle and Kaylee Sinclair, papermakers of the 16th century.  They are in the service of Mary Queen of Scots in the year of our Lord 1562, but are currently traveling about the country.  Come join them and learn the history of papermaking.
Carson Sierra Spinners and Weavers Guild
promote appreciation and knowledge of the fiber arts in our community through demonstrations at schools, fairs and other community events. They provide a support network for fiber artists and enthusiasts and keep the fiber arts alive by encouraging others to take up spinning and weaving.
Royal Rafter 66 Falconers & Birds of Prey
Mistress Flemming played by Marie Crawford and Chloe Bowen will be flying birds of prey and displaying their charges. 
Empire of  Chivalry & Steel
A  Educational Re-enactment society that shows what life was like from 800AD to 1650AD. Crafting,combat, and life skills are promoted. The ECS is a 501(c) Not For Profit nationwide organization.
Pirates of Reno
Lots of pirate games. Beware of the black spot.  Visit Tortuga Village. Watch you don’t land in the stocks.  Under the command of Lord Ronald of Flinshire, a real group of Merry Men & Women. Guard your booty, children and your ladies.


We will also feature cars from the Jaguar Club of Reno
The Reno Jaguar Club of Nevada was founded in 1983 to further the interest in the ownership and possession of the Jaguar automobile by Reno Celtic 
Celebration Board Member and local attorney Randy Wright and a number of fellow Jaguar enthusiasts. Two years later, the club held its first all British car meet, aptly named “A Day on the Village Green.” In the years to come the club would hold the Tonopah Rally and excursions to The Renaissance Faire and to the Shakespeare Festival at Ashland, Oregon.
For several years, these beautiful cars have been a part of the Reno Celtic Celebration greeting festival-goers at the main gate. The Reno Jaguar Club is a social organization  that serves as a technical guidepost to Jaguar owners, a forum to exchange ideas and enhance the community and be involved in charitable functions as a positive way to get our name known to the public. For more info about the club, visit their web site, www.renojaguarclub.com
And Celtic Animals
You will see a variety of Celtic Animals this year. You will not be able to miss the Clydesdales from Redd Barney Ranch, the Highland Cattle (Coos) from the Riordan Ranch, and Highland Ponies. Smaller, but no less impressive, are the Irish Wolfhound, Celtic Lurcher, a Scottie, Irish Setters and Rough Collies. And don’t forget to look a the wonderful Raptors (Hawks and Falcons). Talk to the owners and learn about the history of these Celtic breeds.
Organizations participating in the Celebration include:
Nevada Society of Scottish Clans (Host)
Reno Celtic Celebration
Scottish American Military Society (SAMS)
Sons and Daughters of Erin
Come and see us THIS WEEKEND! Only $15 at the gate Saturday OR Sunday, or $25 for all weekend!
See you there!

Schedule…..for 2013!

Without further ado, here is the main stage schedule for the 2013 Celebration! With less than a month to go, we are super excited and hope you are too!


Main Stage Schedule 2013

Saturday, Oct. 5

Main Stage

11:00 AM- Blarney Band

11:45 AM – Pipe Band 1

12:00 PM – Avalon Rising

12:45 – 1:00 PM – Opening Ceremonies

1:00 PM – Wedding

1:15 PM – Break

2:00 PM – Molly’s Revenge

2:45 PM – Pipe Band 2

3:00 PM – Avalon Rising

3:45 PM – Pipe Band 3

4:00 PM – Ciana

4:45 PM – Closing

Sunday October 6

11:00 AM – Ciana

11:45 AM – Pipe Band 1

12:00 AM – Break

1:00 PM – Avalon Rising

1:45 PM – Pipe Band 2

2:00 PM – Molly’s Revenge

2:45 PM – Pipe Band 3

3:00 PM – Blarney Band

3:45 PM – Avalon Rising

4:30 PM – Closing Ceremonies

The schedule can also be found on the Schedule Page.

Join us, October 5 & 6, 2013!