2019 Main Stage…and TEMPEST!

Man, when things start to heat up, they REALLY start to heat up! In just the last few days, it never ceases to amaze me how with just a little time and effort, things start to come together the way they need to…

Without further ado, we want to announce that Celtic Rock Legends TEMPEST have agreed to play the Northern Nevada Celtic Celebration for 2019!

Lief Sorbye has been a past collaborator and is a great addition to the Celebration! Check out their bio and other stuff on our music page.


We are also featuring the Sophie and Fiachra Trio, hailing from Quebec, Canada:

We are also honored to welcome back Dust in my Coffee, who have been with us before and are actually performing this weekend (February 22nd at the Saint in Reno)

We will also be featuring local favorites 317

Check out artist bio’s on all the groups playing the Celebration on our music page.

2016 Main Stage Schedule!

Whiskey and Stitches

Whiskey and Stitches

Please note: Park and event opens at 10am for all activities. If you are watching or participating in the Bag pipe or solo piping and drumming competition, or watching or participating in the Athletics competitions, these folks have been told what time to be on site, if you are coming to watch them, hopefully they told you!

Main Stage Schedule 2016

Saturday, Oct. 1

Main Stage

10:00 AM- Intro and Welcome

10:05 AM- 317

11:00 AM – Ciana

12:00-1:00 PM – Dark for opening ceremony

1:00 PM – One Eyed Reilly

2:00 PM – Ciana

3:00 PM – Whiskey and Stitches

4:00 PM – Closing Ceremony, Piping band award announcement


One Eyed Reilly

Sunday October 2

10:00 AM – 317

11:00 AM – Sierra Highlanders Pipe Band

11:15 AM – Fortunate Strangers

12:00 PM – One Eyed Reilly

1:00 PM – 317

1:45 PM – Sierra Highlanders Pipe Band

2:00 PM – One Eyed Reilly

3:00 PM – Whiskey and Stitches

4:15 PM – Closing Ceremonies



Last Updated 9/16/16 – Subject to change, please keep checking back.

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