Updates, new board and moving forward, oh my!

This photo is Willie Puchert making announcements at our opening ceremony for the 2016 event. Photo by Michael Herzog.

We have lots of interesting stuff happening in the Truckee Meadows in Celtic Land already! We are busily preparing for our 2017 Celebration!

At the beginning of the year, the Celtic Celebration held it’s annual election and we’ve had some board changes. Your 2017 Reno Celtic Board of Directors is as follows:

President – Christopher Moreland 

Vice-President – Danielle Gann-Lind 

Secretary – Kristen Hollis 

Treasurer – Verla Jackson 

Departments and Chairs:

Alcohol/Beer Concessions: Verla Jackson 

Celtic Livestock and Pets – Kristen Puchert

Clans – Lowell Patton 

Dance – Miriam Blanchette 

Entertainment – Danielle Gann-Lind* 

General Information – Danielle Gann-Lind*

Living History – Jayde Gilmore

Highland Athletics  – Michael Perrin

Logistics – Chris Moreland 

Pipe Bands – Jim Laughton* 

Public Relations – Willie Puchert 

Vendors – Willie Puchert 

Volunteers  – Chris Moreland 

Webmaster – Danielle Gann-Lind* 

Other Board members:

Mary Mingo – Main Gate Director

Thank you, Northern Nevada!

Our 2016 event was a success! We had a wild time Sunday afternoon, as the weather came up around 3:30pm. We were holding tents down while also trying to honor our awesome Athletes and Pipers for the Piping competition, having moved our closing ceremonies up so everyone could leave safely!

I’ve never seen vendors, animal handlers, musicians and athletes move so fast to get their stuff packed and done so they could drive across the mountain and try to beat the snow! It was a wild ride, but the good that came from that is that our park clean-up might have been the smoothest ever!

Thanks for sticking with us, pictures to come. Overall, a great event.


This was who was left at the end of cleanup on Monday. Left to right is Verla on the far end, our hard-working treasurer and beer tent matron, next to her is Buzcut, Danielle’s husband and the guy without whom I could do none of the cool stuff I do because I drag him along and he rolls his eyes and follows me =) Kristen Puchert, who has rolled her sleeves up and become an invaluable asset to our board, our group and our lives (as Willie’s lovely wife). She is our secretary and head of Celtic Critters. Finally is Willie, who does so much for the Celtic community! Leader of SADOE and handling outreach and PR for the Celtic Celebration, he worked very hard this year and it showed, and the entire community benefited. I also want to thank Ben, Kristen’s son, for taking this picture so we could all be in it! I am still exhausted, but feel like we did a good job this year, and will find ways to improve for next year.

I also want to do a big shout out to my vice-president Chris, and his lovely soon-to-be-wife Sparrow. Chris has truly been my right hand all year, master of logistics, volunteers, and handler of all the things that keep us rolling. Here are he and Sparrow, who will be celebrating their marriage at the end of the month, taken at our celebration:


Finally, all the great and professional staff at Bartley Ranch Regional Park, who were helpful, patient, and great to work with. This is how we serenely left their park on Monday after walk-through. Still looking stormy, but having had an authentic-weather Celtic Celebration for 2016:


Stay tuned for more pictures and tales from this years event!

Danielle Gann-Lind                                                                                                               President

Take Pictures with “Merida” from Brave!


We were contacted this week by the lovely Ashley, who will be at the Reno Celtic Celebration Saturday and Sunday with her beautiful Friesian horse Xander! Ashley will be dressed in fine Celtic Garb similar to “Merida” from Brave and will be available to answer questions, take pictures with the kiddies (with your provided cell phone or camera), and do periodic demonstrations with Xander on the abilities of the Friesian.

Come down and join us!