Just about six weeks….

That’s right.

In just about six weeks, we will be gathering at Bartley Ranch, again, to have Northern Nevada’s Celtic Celebration.

What a year it’s been!

We are in need of volunteers this year. Please fill out the following form to volunteer for the Celebration this year:

There has been transition….Bryan Wildman stepped down as the President of the organization, and your humble web-mistress took his place. I have learned some, already knew some, and hope to make a meaningful contribution while I am a part of the Celtic Celebration.

To such ends, this year, we are VERY EXCITED to welcome back ATHLETICS to the Celtic Celebration! Michael Perrin has joined our board, and has negotiated an agreement with Magni Corps Throwers Club, which provides Historical Information, Educational Athletic Training and Professional Scottish Strength Sports Contests. They have been around since 2005, focusing on becoming athletes of the highest caliber.

There should be pictures in this post, and there will be eventually, we are troubleshooting an issue with a recent software/server upgrade and will get back to our colorful posts as soon as we are able.

For now, Slainte!

Schedule Announced for 2014!

Main Stage Schedule 2014 – Updated 9/23/14

Saturday, Oct. 4

Main Stage

10:15 AM- Clarke Brothers

11:00 AM – Ciana

11:45 AM – Opening Ceremonies

1:00 PM – 1916

1:45 PM – Sierra Highlanders Pipe Band

2:00 PM – Clarke Brothers

2:45 PM – Irish Pipers Band of San Francisco

3:00 PM – Ciana

3:45 PM – City of Sacramento Pipe Band

4:00 PM – 1916

Sunday October 5

10:30 AM – Ciana

11:15 AM – Clarke Brothers

12:00 AM – 1916

12:45  – City of Sacramento Pipe Band

1:00 PM – Ciana

1:45 PM – Irish Pipers Band of San Francisco

2:00 PM – Clarke Brothers

2:45 PM – Sierra Highlanders Pipe Band

3:00 PM – 1916

4:15 PM – Closing Ceremonies

Last Updated 9/23/14 – Subject to Change, please keep checking back.

Thank you!

Video from 2013!

This last year, the Reno Celtic Celebration was fortunate enough to work with Stewart Campbell and the folks over at LoadedTV to document our event through video. They did an amazing job, here’s a highlight from the 2013 Festival:

We are appreciative of the efforts of Stewart, Ky, and Ken and all the folks at LoadedTV for making such an awesome video! Let us know what you think!

Have a great day!