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This fashion phone by LG comes with an intuitive touch sensitive buttons that actually appear on the LCD display and consequently change according to the prevailing menu function. Beneath the queen sized screen are just two real buttons that are meant for send and return. The screen is accompanied by a cool stylus for an effective use of the touchscreen.

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The Roy Hargrove Quintet makes music at Scullers. Jan. $35. Clearly she has bagged the right sentiment for today’s time travelling women. Along with his Manila based partner Gigi de Jonghe, he creates quirky bags that wittily mix highend luxury with unabashed trendiness. “Our clients include European aristocrats who can afford a Fendi but would prefer to be seen with bags that no one else will have,” explains de Jonghe.

In early October, militants attacked another Shiite ceremony at a shrine in Kabul, commemorating the anniversary of Hussein actual death. That attack killed 17 people, mostly worshippers but also several policemen. A day later, a similar attack struck Shiites in the city of Mazer e Sharif in northern Balkh province, killing at least 14 people.

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Last month I returned home to Ayacucho to hear stories of personal suffering. Caught in a bloody cross fire between brutal Maoist guerrillas and repressive military campaigns, thousands of peasants have died. The fighting has also left hundreds of orphans at empty street corners and in cold mountain crevices.