2019 Main Stage…and TEMPEST!

Man, when things start to heat up, they REALLY start to heat up! In just the last few days, it never ceases to amaze me how with just a little time and effort, things start to come together the way they need to…

Without further ado, we want to announce that Celtic Rock Legends TEMPEST have agreed to play the Northern Nevada Celtic Celebration for 2019!

Lief Sorbye has been a past collaborator and is a great addition to the Celebration! Check out their bio and other stuff on our music page.


We are also featuring the Sophie and Fiachra Trio, hailing from Quebec, Canada:

We are also honored to welcome back Dust in my Coffee, who have been with us before and are actually performing this weekend (February 22nd at the Saint in Reno)

We will also be featuring local favorites 317

Check out artist bio’s on all the groups playing the Celebration on our music page.

Honored and Humbled to Receive Partnership Funding from Reno-Sparks Convention & Visitors Authority!

Late last Fall, the Northern Nevada Celtic Celebration applied for a grant for out of market marketing from the Reno-Sparks Convention & Visitors Authority, more commonly recognized by their “Reno Tahoe” brand. We were notified in early January that we were recommended for full funding! We could not be more thrilled!

Here is an awesome video they have, showcasing our area and letting the world know what WE already know…

The secret is out! Reno Tahoe isn’t your basic vacation destination. It’s a collision of contrasts packed with award-winning accolades and activities! Check out this video and fuel your ambition to see, do and experience.  

If you’re looking for awesome events to attend, look no further! The Reno Tahoe Events & Festivals brochure is packed with hundreds of unique, inspiring and selfie-worthy experiences. Click on the image to view the virtual brochure.

We are making it happen!

The Celtic Celebration has gone through some changes recently. We updated our name to reflect that there are Celtic people all over Nevada, and generally what we do focuses on the entire state, but most specifically, the North, so we changed our name to the Norther Nevada Celtic Celebration.

I have been producing events for more than ten years, and I’m here to tell you, it gets harder every year. Costs constantly go up, and you have to respond to that! Sometimes, it’s hard to make ends meet, and that’s no less true for non-profits or small events. To that end, we had to seriously take stock of how we were doing things at the Celtic Celebration, after facing a few years in a row of losses and stagnant revenues. We chose not to have an event in 2018, and move our event to what we hope will be a more hospitable and stable weather outlook. We seriously thought about whether or not we were in a position to continue to be able to produce the event. This is what we are talking about, here’s our highlight reel from 2017, compiled by the talented Stewart Campbell of LoadedTV, also a Celt, a fine British Gentleman:

There is so much heart in Celtic Culture! So much amazing history, food, traditions and stories that need to be told and passed on, things we need and want to keep alive, things worth preserving. In the end, after 26 successful years, it would be a true shame to our entire state for this event to no longer exist. We do, however, need to make some changes……

We need to be more efficient, and we need to tighten our belts. We hope to make an amazing turn around, but right now, the most logical thing for us to do is decrease our event from a two day event to a one day event, so that it can still happen at all. We had a board meeting last night, to vote about whether or not to continue and how to make it happen. We cut our budgets and are determined to fund raise our back sides off to make this event happen. 

We have some exciting ideas on how to reinvent ourselves, and hope you will enjoy them and continue to support us, please stay tuned. We are considering things like pre-sale tickets, on this website, and pre-sale t-shirts, so we aren’t stuck with a large inventory at the end and only get shirts people have committed to buying. More efficient use of other resources will hopefully carry us into the future.    

It seems self-serving and almost wrong to ask for help when so many people have lost everything and there is suffering all along the West Coast with the California Wild Fires like the Camp fire, but we cannot exist without support from our community. We are helping where we can with these tragedies and hope our friends and past patrons have come through as un-scathed as possible. If you can, now, or in the future, please consider donating to the Northern Nevada Celtic Celebration. There’s a “DONATE” link just to the right, or you can email info@renoceltic.org.

Thanks for taking the time to read this update, and we hope to see you in May, 2019!

Danielle – President