Living History

Bronze Age Players

The Bronze Age Players is a group of friends who learn and teach about daily life and living in the Bronze Age. From the evidence presented by archaeologists and anthropologists, we are able to piece together what daily life may have been like for the Proto-Celts in the years 1300-700 BCE. We focus our efforts on the Insular Atlantic Bronze Age of Britain and Ireland as well as the Urnfield Culture of the Netherlands and the Dutch Delta region. Our hope and goal is to share these fascinating aspects of the Proto-Celt cultures with the public. 

Carson Sierra Spinners & Weavers


This local club promotes appreciation and knowledge of the fiber arts in our community through demonstrations at schools, fairs and other community events. They demonstrate the historic roles of fiber artists and enthusiasts in the old and new world. They keep the fiber arts alive by encouraging others to take up spinning and weaving tartans, flags, clothing, rope and supplying fibers for paper makers.

Empire of Chivalry and Steel


Empire of Chivalry and Steel specializes in the general recreation of the culture of the Middle Ages including all of the art forms, events (feasts, tournaments, ceremonies and wars) and combat arts from that period. The purpose of  this nonprofit educational corporation is to study and teach the public about ideals and history from 800 AD to 1650 AD, specifically covering the geographical boundaries of Europe, and to provide an organized effort in the collection, interpretation and distribution of historical data through publication and demonstration. They hold events that allow you to compete in the combat or gentler arts and have fun doing it! We also hold demonstrations of Medieval Culture for the General Public, Schools (K-12) and Universities. The Empire of Chivalry and Steel also strives to promote the ideals of honor and chivalry in all of our activities. The overall objective of the ECS is to have fun and to promote the culture and traditions of the Middle Ages.

Great Basic Buccaneers

The Great Basin Buccaneers is a fun band of piratical adventurers, depicting the life of Piracy through many phases of fact, fiction, and fantasy.  They live to engage the patrons of any event with fun, games, and shenanigans. While Liars Dice is a specialty of the crew, they have other games they like to play.  They also offer Pirate Story Time where they read pirate themed children’s stories, and have fun bits of entertainment (Gigs) that they will perform both in their  camp, and throughout the event.  It is also a part of their mission to help patrons wayfind through their event. 


About Our Living History Coordinator:



Our Living History Director, Jayde Gilmore, strives to make history accessible and fun. She is a Reno native, small business owner, certified life coach and certified project manager. She has authored papers and taught several classes on medieval and Elizabethan Era textile arts, Viking Era culture, and how the Viking invasions changed Scotland. She is also an avid researcher of the roles of women during the Viking Era, Elizabethan era, and in Scotland during the reign of Mary Queen of Scots. She has been an active leader in Living History organizations since 1999. She has been a long-time attendee of the Northern Nevada Celtic Celebration and several Renaissance Faires with her group, The Empire of Chivalry and Steel.