Fair Thee Well

The governing board of the Northern Nevada Celtic Celebration, Celtic Celebration, Inc. is in the process of dissolving as an entity and will remain no more as of the end of 2022.

We thank all of our board members, sponsors, participants, vendors, entertainers, entertainers and most importantly our guests over the years for helping to sustain us through almost three decades.

Our board gave its blessing at one of our final meetings to allow The Sons & Daughters of Erin of Northern Nevada to essentially “inherit” this event under a new name and it is our hope that they continue the legacy of showcasing Northern Nevada’s Celtic Community.

Our longtime sponsors and fellow local Celtic organizations, the Nevada Society of Scottish Clans and the Sons & Daughters of Erin, have events throughout the year and continue to showcase many of the performers we have have had over the years. Please inquire with either if you have an interest in Celtic Culture in the Northern Nevada Region.

Thank You,
Celtic Celebration, Inc.