Welcome to the Reno Celtic Celebration!

Here is where you will find all things relating to the Reno Celtic Festival! Until we get ramped up with data from this year, enjoy our ad from last year, embedded below.

Check back often, as we will post updates as much as possible about what is happening with the Celebration for 2012!

Here is the ad from last year:

Bartley Ranch Regional Park

Pipe Bands, Celtic Musicians, Highland Games, Scottish and Irish Dancers, Celtic Vendors and More…Make plans to join us in Reno for our 22nd Annual Celebration!

6 thoughts on “Welcome to the Reno Celtic Celebration!

  1. Wow! Congratulations on the New Site! Looks wonderful and has loads of useful info!!! Great to see Bryan in his kilt, too! Looking forward to a fabulous Reno Celtic this year as always. We are now busy coming up with some NEW excitement for our act!

  2. So disappointed when I went to the site that there were no details of the event being held today and tomorrow, Oct 6 & 7. I wanted to plan the day around the events, but there is no detail. I think this is a mistake on the part of the promotors of the event. You might want to rethink the promotion next year. I only saw it promoted the “Best Bets on Thursday, but nothing in the paper since then.

  3. I am very sorry that you were not able to find the information you sought. There WAS information about the schedule of events, it was here: http://renoceltic.pooh.com/?page_id=140. Now, a few posts about last year and onward to the 2013 Celebration! We will try to provide more reference and easier navigation in the future.

  4. Hi Lloyd Romine here,
    I talked to Don Lindsay at the Woodland Gathering. I told him I am looking forward to working with him to bring my clan Lindsay booth to Reno this year. I have registration form. If I am not taking anyone position or interfering, I think it would be great to attend as clan Lindsay representation.
    I am listed in the clan Lindsay registration as the Nor-Cal Rep.

    Endure Forte .

  5. Hi Lloyd…are you saying you are not sure if someone else has already registered for Clan Lindsay? I am trying to figure out the best way to respond, but am not sure if you are asking or telling us you’d like to come? I will send your comment on to Lowell Patton, who coordinates the clans. Slainte!

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