Below are some frequently asked questions about Reno Celtic Celebration.  As more come up, we will add them.

Is there handicapped parking at Bartley Ranch?

Limited handicapped parking is available. There are about 20 (twenty) spaces on the pavement. We will also set aside several spaces in the graveled parking area near the bridge.

If/when parking is not available, we will have a drop-off area at the entrance for handicapped folks. Bartley Ranch Park is a ranch and is hilly in many areas with uneven surfaces and is generally not wheelchair accessible. A portion of the event may be unable to be reached because of this.

Is my service animal allowed at the event?

Service animals, such as seeing-eye dogs, are allowed. Please ask about an “animal pass” to allow your animal to accompany you.

No other pets or animals are allowed unless they are a part of the Celtic Critters village. Please see the “Celtic Critter” page in this website for more information on being included in the Village.

What are the admission prices?

Admission is $15 for a day pass, or $75 for a car load of people. Children 12 and under are free when accompanied by an adult. No children under 12 will be admitted without a parent or responsible adult with them.

What kind of food and drink are available in the park?

Several vendors provide a wide variety of food available for purchase at the festival. Typical Celtic fare such as fish and chips to more traditional American fare such as fish tacos, wraps, pizza and sushi are all likely to be at the Celebration.

Drinks include sodas, lemonade and beer and wine for those over 21. You will find food in the circular area at the base of the Celtic Vendor Village.

What time does Celtic Celebration end?

The Celtic Celebration is open Saturday May 18 from 9am-5pm. Opening ceremonies, including the parade of the Clans, is about noon on Saturday.

Closing ceremonies will be at 5:00pm. Please check the schedule, which will be posted within these pages as soon as possible. Look for updates until about ten days before the event occurs.