Thank You, Northern Nevada!


Photo by Danielle Gann-Lind

Saturday morning dawned early and a tad chilly for the Reno Celtic Celebration. I took this snap of “Mac”, one of my favorite parts of the Celebration. Mac is such a trooper, people ogled him all weekend, tried to touch his horns, which he does NOT appreciate, and he just stood in front of the fan all weekend, allowing people to silently adore him =)

The Reno Celtic Celebration for 2014 was a great success! We want to thank everyone that came out for enjoying our celebration! We couldn’t have done it without people to be there. There were also A LOT of volunteer hours that went in to making this celebration happen!

Here’s a look at Clan Row as it appeared during the Festival:


Photo by Lowell Patton

Here’s vendor row:

Photo by Richard Bromley

Photo by Richard Bromley

Here were the British Cars that were featured:


Photo by Richard Bromley

Of course, the beautiful Blanchette Irish Dancers:

Photo by Blanchette Irish Dancers

Photo by Blanchette Irish Dancers


Here’s a photo of yours truly with one of our amazing documentarians, photographer Dana Nollsch, who’s photo’s will be posted as soon as we get them:

Photo by Danielle Gann-Lind

Photo by Danielle Gann-Lind

We believe that a good time was had by all. I want to take a moment to shout out to members of Clan Logan, who were our honors clan this year, after the passing this last year of Loran Logan, considered by many to be the “quintessential Scot”.

I also want to put a shout out to all the amazing and wonderful volunteers that helped make the Celebration happen. The board of directors, Chris Moreland as new board member and volunteer coordinator, Miriam Blanchette, also a new board member and in charge of the Dance Stage, Lowell Patton as Clan Coordinator, Mary Mingo, Animal Coordinator, Jim McLane treasurer and money guru, Jim Laughton for Pipe Bands and solo competition, Verla Jackson as the mistress of suds and hard-working board member, Katherine Coates as Heritage Coordinator, along with her assistan Merrilee Abea, and Mike Steedman, without whom many of the logistics of the event would not happen.

Now for the folks who do not hold a title, but were certainly present and gave their all for the Celtic Celebration to occur: The Navy Sea Cadets and Galena Junior ROTC helped out the Celtic Celebration this year. The Sea Cadets headed by Peggy and John Hannah with the help of LtJG Catheryne Sainz and Tony Sainz, and Galena JROTC headed by LTC Phil Telander, provided more than 40 volunteers over the course of the weekend that were some of the most polite, well-mannered young people I have ever met!

Scott Fallis, our chief of security, who along with his guards kept everyone safe, responded to any medical calls, and rolled with several curve balls that were thrown his way. Mike MacMillan, who worked lights at the dance stage and was a great addition and backup for Mike Steedman on logistics and did whatever was asked of him. He worked very hard over the weekend.

Our shift volunteers, many of whom have worked multiple years at the Celtic Celebration: Sparrow Malvino, Monty Hudson, Bruce and Laura Warren, Simon Warren, Erin McLelland, Erika Martinelli, Heather Edwards, Sharon Netherton, Mallorey English, Roger Solie, Alex Root, Joyce, Dylan, and Aero Strom, Bari Caine, and Joan Spellitich.

Our beer tent volunteers were: Jeff Mehoves, Chris Maier, Denise Goode, Theresa Moser, Crystel Montecinos, Kelly Heim, and Amanda Williams.

Please stay tuned….next year, in 2015, the Reno Celtic Celebration will commemorate it’s SILVER ANNIVERSARY, number 25! We hope and are making plans already for this to be the biggest and best Celebration yet! If you are interested in being a part of it, let us know! We could ALWAYS use more (energetic) help!

~Danielle on behalf of the CCI Board