THIS WEEK!! Can you feel the excitement?!?

We have amazing and exciting news!


Out of the blue the other day, early in the morning as I was getting ready for work, I got a phone call from “Matt”. He said a lady with three children had approached him at Street Vibrations, where they were vending and told him he should look in to being at the Celtic Celebration. He looked us up and gave me a call!

He told me he had a jewelry business called Mother Nature Jewelry and he was interested in having a booth.

Then he told me he had another business and it was called “World Birds of Prey”. If he was free, this meant maybe he could bring those too! He agreed! I am so excited about this! After last year, our prior Falconer chose not to come back and I had been lax on contacting others, but now there is potential to have a new relationship and still be able to offer exposure to Birds of Prey and Falconry to attendees of the Reno Celtic Celebration.

The history of Falconry dates back to 722 BC, and that history is no less rich in Celtic Cultures, familiar in Ireland and Scotland by the 7th Century.

We will also have the new Codfather Food truck, Starkeys Food Truck, and the All Wrapped Up Food Truck. Food trucks may not stay all day, so please keep them busy, because business means they hang around!

I’m so excited for this weekend! It’s tangible! Great things will happen!