Reno Celtic Celebration is a volunteer organization with an all-volunteer Board of Directors.  Use the email address below to contact for a specific area:

Executive Committee:

President – Michael Del Ostia – president (at) renoceltic (dot) org

Vice-President – Michael Perrin – vp (at) renoceltic (dot) org

Secretary – Willie Puchert – secretary (at) renoceltic (dot) org

Treasurer – Verla Jackson – treasurer (at) renoceltic (dot) org

Departments and Chairs:

Alcohol/Beer Concessions: Verla Jackson – verla (at) renoceltic (dot) org

Celtic Livestock and Pets – Michael Del Ostia – animals (at) renoceltic (dot) org

Clans – Willie Puchert  – clans (at) renoceltic (dot) org

Dance – Doyle Stewart – entertainment (at)

Entertainment – Doyle Stewart – entertainment (at)

General Information – Willie Puchert – info (at) renoceltic (dot) org

Living History – Jayde Gilmore – livinghistory (at) renoceltic (dot) org

Logistics – Michael DelOstia – volunteers (at) renoceltic (dot) org

Pipe Bands – entertainment (at) renoceltic (dot) org

Public Relations – Willie Puchert – pr (at) renoceltic (dot) org

Vendors – Michael Perrin – vendors (at) renoceltic (dot) org

Volunteers  – Michael Del Ostia – volunteers (at) renoceltic (dot) org

Webmaster – Willie Puchert* – web (at) renoceltic (dot) org


Snail Mail Address:

Celtic Celebration Inc. PO Box 3882 Reno, NV 89505